WordPress Training

WordPress Training

If you are new to the WordPress CMS, Tidewater Creative offers online or on-location training to get you up to speed.

Basic WordPress Training

  • The differences between posts & pages.
  • How to create posts or pages.
  • How to include images, audio, and video on posts or pages.
  • How to maximize your posts & pages for SEO (search engine optimization).
  • The differences between categories & tags.
  • Essential plugins & marketing tools
  • Integrating social media.
  • …and more

Advanced WordPress Training

  • How to get the most SEO out of WP.
  • How to change the theme design.
  • How to evaluate website speed.
  • Tools used to change website elements like fonts, colors, graphics.
  • How to modify menus.
  • How to validate & fix code issues.

Both training sessions generally take about 60 minutes (for 1 on 1 session) billed at $125.00/hr. The training session is usually done via screen sharing like zoom.com. This allows you to follow along on your own site while we work through the different topics. On-location training (specific to Tidewater) $175.00/hr.

If you require training for 3 or more people, that usually takes about 90 minutes billed at $150.00/hr. This type of training is typically done on location.

I’m based out of Chesapeake, VA, and able to travel anywhere in the Tidewater area.

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